Contract Settlement: When a Standard Futures contract settles, traders with open positions will incur a delivery fee of 0.0375%. 

Liquidation: If your account Equity falls below Maintenance Margin, all positions are subject to liquidation and the following fees are applied - Taker Fee (0.075%) + Liquidation Fee (0.45%).

Deposit: Free

Withdrawal: Please note that when withdrawing, the minimum Ethereum network fee is based on Blockchain load.

CoinMinimum WIthdrawalFee

Daily Blockchain Fees: BBOD performs daily settlement of your profit/loss from trading and other TUSD and BBD cash flows to your smart contract at BBOD in order to synchronise your off-chain balance (what you see on the platform) with on-chain balance (your smart contract). This operation requires to pay a small gas fee for the ethereum network. The fees are regularly adjusted according to blockchain conditions.

Below fee is charged daily at 0:00 UTC only when there is any change in equity in your margin or cash account.

TUSD: 0.00023 TUSD

BBD: 0.00023 TUSD or equivalent in BBD